End-to-end consultancy services for smart investments in sustainability, implementing and reporting of solutions for operational improvements.

Energy Management

By benefiting from Industry 4.0’s new solutions, the most effective and end-to-end service to optimize energy management in your business from energy supplier choice to energy use.


Project planning, project management and technical services of sustainability products & services in your business.

Productivity/Efficiency Impovement

After analyzing you infrastructure and operation, we provide the most effective solutions to improve your productivity and efficiency.

Sustainable Energy

To prevent malfunction in your production and operations, we provide sustainable energy supply and energy use solutions.


Energy Analytics & Reporting

Energy Analytics System is a software platform that collects and analyzes consumption data from all sources (electricity, water, gas). As IoT (Internet of Things) comes into the picture with the beginning of Industry 4.0, you can track all of your facilities and consumption points from one single platform, and make data driven decisions to improve your efficiency with Energy Monitoring & Reporting, Consumption Benchmarking, Utility Bill Management, Alarm Management, Potfolio Management, UPS/Generator Monitoring modules.

Energy Saving in Motors

Energy Saving in Motors consists of software and device system that measures energy efficiency breakdowns (motors, engines, lighting, HVAC, refrigerants, air compressors, etc.) and leads to 10-20% saving with less than 2-year payback period.

Proactive Fire Prevention

All our products based on microencapsulation technology using keeps all own properites during the life time, staying in "sleeping mode" and automatically activated in case of fire or ignition.
In fire stopping process "FIPRON" company using a composite materials. These materials using together with microcapsules provides the best ways in prevention of fire. Each our product by reaching activation temperature make to blowing up microcapsules in it and pushing out fire extinguisher gases. These gases by filling area/volume are displacing oxygen out and provide a coolant effect that additionaly help to stop the fire in fastest way.